Kairos partners focuses on managerial changes, leadership and collective intelligence.

Our core beliefs

Sustainable performance requires a strong bond between companies strategic issues and organizations culture.

Management skills are mainly based on behavioral competencies.

Personal fulfillment is a critical factor for collective performance.

Finding purpose and pleasure in any job is a human basic need.

Our values

Our coaching fundations are based on our core values: Autonomy, Pleasure, Success and Authenticity


Individual coaching helps support someone in achieving his or her professional goals. The approach is focused on the present and the future. Team coaching helps become aware of expressed or implied teammates’ functioning modes, share the same vision of what challenges need to be addressed, explore new ways of working together and outline appropriate action plans to achieve goals and teams objectives.

360 degree Feedback

The 360 degree feedback is a development tool for communication and management skills. This tool enables managers to gain greater insights into how their line manager, staff, colleagues and peers perceive their skills and behaviors and then to compare these results with their own perception of themselves. The company can use it to understand performance drivers and build development plans.

Workshops / Training

We provide customized workshops and trainings through an active result-oriented pedagogy. Delivered by a coach, our "action training" approach will help you develop a better knowledge of yourself. Our methodology is based on active listening, open dialogs and feedback. We focus on the job experience of our trainees, so they can then make the link with their professional lives.


Co-Development is a distinctive approach of individual coaching within groups. The essence of these groups lies in the interaction of its members to progress together in their professional lives. The coach ensures objectivity and impartiality and the respect of an agreed framework and process. Sessions are built on presenting real situations that members of the group have experienced.